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Picture of our original brood cock for white claret
White Claret

Picture of our original brood cock for red claret
Red Claret

White Claret
* Can shuffle in air and on ground
* Speed and smart fighter
* Great body cutter

Red Claret
* Speed and smart fighter
* Great body cutter
* Lots of finishing bottom

Another product of our breeding- claret lines

Red Claret-Doc Robinson Cross

Product of our breeding- red claret hen from
7/8 inbreeding to brother-sister mating

Red claret Hen

Another pic of our breeding- red claret hen

Red Claret Hen

Some words for our Claret Lines

This is our first few strain of gamefowls. Our white Claret
Brood Cock was a gift to me by my friend in Taytay Rizal. In
every generation  we select a  daughter  that conform   to our
likings and we back cross this daughter to our original brood
cock. We have done this for six generations till we filtered
out the impurities.

A carefull selection processs will eliminate the so called
inbreeding depression and inpurities. Unfortunately this line fell
to the hands of thieves.

Our brood cocks for Red Claret strain was imported as an egg
from Carlos Toledo of Mt. Carmel Gamefowls in Riverside California,
USA and were hatched locally.   We line breed this strain untill
we reach 7/8 of its blood following the process as mentioned
above. From these siblings we mated them applying the
brother-sister method.

We have kept and bred this strain for more than 7 years now and
are very good for infusing speed and gameness. Some family of
JW REDS carries a dash of this blood.

We only sell few pullets and hens to augment our farm
expenses. See available stocks at our auction in Bentahan.Com
We sell stags and cocks only when we have enough stock.

However, we offer most for financing, please contact us.

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